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Bamboo For Life

Bamboo for Life is a pragmatic, scalable and replicable model solution for under-developed and developing countries of the world. It aims to utilize the versatile Bamboo plant as a multi-faceted solution towards addressing several Climate Change related impacts, in a manner which protects riverine erosion whilst simultaneously improving the climate resilience and livelihood development of rural communities.

Our Bamboo for Life project is deployed in two major workstreams: Riverine Resilience Program and the Bamboo Innovation Center.

Riverine Resilience Program

The Riverine Resilience Program (RRP) has the objective of mitigating riverbank erosion and flooding by planting bamboo on 200km of the most vulnerable river areas in Sri Lanka. The workstream also manages and monitors existing bamboo on river reservations to improve the methodology while providing valuable, renewable raw materials to new, exciting and profitable climate-resilient bamboo industries that provide jobs and improve lives at all scales.

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Bamboo Innovation Center

The Bamboo Innovation Center (BIC) is designed to be the hub of Climate Change and Bamboo research and education in Sri Lanka. It has many components including showcase factories, education, research and a sustainable community to educate and inspire visitors to utilize this sustainable resource to seed these climate resilient industries throughout Sri Lanka.

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